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Windsor Party Bus - Frequent Questions

Here at Windsor Party Bus, we often receive the same questions from our new customers time and time again. We want to save you not only money, but time, and in the interest of that, we have put together a small collection of those questions that are posed most often. If we didn't answer yours here, just get in touch anytime!

Do you offer any party bus travel packages for smaller parties of less than 15 people?
Yes, we do! We have buses that specifically fit smaller groups, but some of our customers still choose the larger buses for all of the amenities and features. It's totally up to you what features you require and what bus you choose, but if you're going smaller and more frugal, we can certainly help you to keep those costs down.

Can we bring our own music to listen to on the party bus?
Yes, and you are welcome to bring either CDs or your digital devices such as iPods, iPhones, and iPads, as those all hook up to our systems very nicely and allow you to bring a much larger collection of music in a smaller package! Also, everyone can take turns hooking their phones up to the system to enjoy a variety of music.

How long in advance should we book the bus?
In general, the earlier you book the bus, the better off you'll be. That's because you'll have a wider array of buses to choose from and there's much less of a chance that we'll already be completely booked. Having said that, we take strides to accommodate last minute requests.

Can we stock the bars on the bus with alcohol if we have people in our party who are under 21?
We're sorry, but we have to restrict the presence of alcohol on the bus if anyone in your party isn't 21 and up. You're welcome to stock the bar with anything non-alcoholic in those cases, however, including iced coffee, iced tea, energy drinks, sports drinks, and snacks.

Is smoking allowed on your buses?
To protect the cleanliness of our buses, we do not allow smoking.

Do you provide any food or drinks on the party bus?
We provide you with ice and cups only, and with some wedding packages we also include bottled water and champagne. You're welcome to bring whatever food and drinks you like on board.

Where do your party buses pick up the guests?
We can pick up your guests anywhere you like, either from one centralized location such as a restaurant or someone's home, or individually at each person's home or place of business.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, plus PayPal and cash too.

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